Elastic Converged Storage

As enterprises consolidate into mega data centers and SMEs move to cloud and hosting infrastructures, data centers are rapidly expanding to thousands of servers. A recent survey revealed the top 10 concerns and challenges of data center operators.

Top 10 Challenges of Data Center Operators

Top 10 Challenges of Data Center Operators
(adapted from DCK Audience 8/11)

Operators of modern mega data centers face constantly increasing levels of complexity and cost. Overcoming these types of data center challenges calls for a completely new breed of data storage. Elastic converged storage incorporates the fundamental elements of this new breed. Products designed according to the elastic converged storage paradigm help data center operators successfully manage many of the major challenges.

EMC ScaleIO is the leader in elastic converged storage. ScaleIO enables data centers to cut storage costs by over 80% and streamlines storage operations by converging storage into compute. ScaleIO addresses data center operators’ main concerns and challenges:

  • Scalability: Breaking traditional barriers of storage scalability, ScaleIO can scale out to hundreds and thousands of nodes. With ScaleIO, any administrator can add, move, or remove servers and capacity on demand during I/O operations. The software responds automatically to any infrastructure change and rebalances data accordingly across the grid. ScaleIO helps ensure the highest level of enterprise-grade resilience by deploying advanced clustering algorithms whose distributed rebuild capabilities achieve the quickest handling of failures while maintaining maximum storage performance.
  • Capacity Planning: ScaleIO enables administrators to seamlessly add capacity during I/O operations, distribute capacity across large-scale deployments, and allocate capacity and performance as needed. All these benefits of ScaleIO eliminate the need for complex, up-front capacity planning.
  • Keeping up with DC Design: Multilayer data centers with tiers dedicated, respectively, to compute, fabric, and storage inherently require more complex management and design than data centers that are built on a single tier only. With ScaleIO, your data center is configured wall to wall with commodity servers only.
  • Running Out of Power: ScaleIO runs on your business application servers. Because ScaleIO storage does not require dedicated hardware—other than disks—and leverages hardware that is already in place to run applications, your power needs are significantly reduced.
  • Running Out of Space: ScaleIO runs on your business application servers and does not require any dedicated hardware, thus reducing the need for space in your data center.
  • Infrastructure Management: ScaleIO makes storage as inconspicuous as CPUs and RAM. Running seamlessly alongside business applications, ScaleIO enables data centers to be built wall to wall from commodity servers only. The elimination of data center layers, and their inherent complexity, simplifies the data center and thus facilitates infrastructure management.