• Simplified operations - By converging storage and compute into a single tier, ScaleIO enables your IT administrator to singlehandedly manage the entire data center stack, from applications to storage. 
  • Cost savings - With ScaleIO, you don’t need dedicated hardware, because ScaleIO leverages existing commodity application servers. Forget about buying host bus adapter cards, fabric switches, or expensive SAN storage, thus realizing over 80% cost-savings.
  • Avoid capacity planning - ScaleIO is elastic, enabling you to add, move, and remove servers and capacity during I/O operations. This elasticity eliminates the need for up-front capacity planning, which is an inherent and highly problematic part of traditional storage management. 
  • Agility - ScaleIO’s elasticity enables administrators to swiftly respond to ever-changing business requirements.
  • Self-healing - ScaleIO is a self-managing, self-healing system that rebalances whenever capacity and/or servers are added and provides automatic smart forward and backward rebuilding that eliminates most of the mundane storage tasks.
  • Manage large storage with ease - ScaleIO seamlessly scales to thousands of servers and many petabytes, simplifying the management of your entire aggregated data-center storage. 
  • Dynamic performance allocation - ScaleIO aggregates all performance across all devices in the data center and provides dynamic performance allocation based on applications’ needs. This results in simpler operations and lower costs, since traditional overprovisioning for each SAN silo is now a thing of the past.
  • Save energy, cut cooling costs, and save space - Because ScaleIO leverages resources on the existing application servers, it does not require any dedicated power, cooling, or space—which are scarce resources in the modern data center.
  • Freedom of choice through hardware vendor lock-in elimination - ScaleIO is hardware agnostic, eliminating the costs and inflexibility traditionally associated with SAN vendor lock-in.


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