An Ideal Storage Solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The VDI Storage Challenge

Four challenges stand between you and an economically viable VDI deployment:

  • Storage costs
    Traditional storage often represents 40%-50% of VDI project costs, rendering the deployment economically often unavailable.
  • Elasticity
    VDI projects often start small and then grow fast to many hypervisor servers. Providing the right size SAN for each stage of this growth presents challenges in dynamically growing scale-out storage.
  • Performance
    Running large numbers of virtual desktops per hypervisor requires storage that can share capacity across physical servers and reallocate performance to the relevant servers as needed.
  • Management
    Simplifying IT operations and management is often one of the main VDI deployment objectives. The storage solution should support this objective, reducing labor-intensive storage tasks to a minimum.

EMC ScaleIO provides a low-cost, elastic, high-performance, highly scalable, self-healing storage solution that perfectly addresses the main challenges of VDI deployments.

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